“Download Benn Gunn's Single 
'I'm A Queenslander' 
As His FREE Thank You Gift When You 
Make Any Donation To Support Communities Affected 
By Cyclone Debbie...”

Donating is simple...

The Queensland Government has authorized GIVIT to manage donations after a Queensland disaster.

Through GIVIT you can donate money, goods or services to the victims of Cyclone Debbie in Queensland and in New South Wales.

100% of funds raised through GIVIT are spent locally to support communities affected by the cyclone and its floods.

You can donate by texting the keyword DEBBIE to 0437 371 371 or by going to the GIVIT page at this link.

You can also make any donation to any other organization that you choose.

If you're one of the people affected by Cyclone Debbie or you really can't afford to donate now that's okay...you can go to the link above and download the song.

I know you'll be a helping hand for someone else when they need it some time in the future.

My prayers are with you.